Loving on my Babies: January 10

04 Mar

10 pm
Not today…I haven’t given Derrick the guitar just yet.  I have taught him some things, though, and he is very eager to learn and catching on very quickly, so I’m very excited to give it to him because it is so obvious that he wants it very much and will be good at it one day.

I’ll tell you what, Derrick can put away some food.  Tonight at dinner he ate all of his and half of mine too!  I guess he’s a growing boy.  I still don’t know whether he is 14 or 15.  He always gives a different answer depending on who asks.  He doesn’t even know what day his birthday is, which is pretty funny.  Sometime in September.
Anyway, today was a very good day.  For the first time ever on this whole trip, I had no tasks.  There was nothing planned for me to do.  So for a while I watched the builders as they lay bricks for the new schoolhouse, but mostly I just loved on my kids and chatted with people and simply hung out.  At times it was frustrating, not having anything to do, but mostly it was very good.  I was started to get a little burned-out from working so much, so it was nice to just focus on playing and laughing and hugging.

Well, it is so good to be back in Kampala.  I absolutely loved travelling about, and I adore Busia, but Kampala is where my heart is.  I just love it here.
I cannot believe we are going home in three days.  I’m tearing up as I write this because this is it.  In three days I will leave Africa and not come back for a very long time.  How does the time pass so quickly?  This week has gone by like molasses, and yet I still find myself wondering how it is already nearly gone.
This just feels so final.  It feels like this is the end.  I know I will see them again someday, but that someday will be very very far away.
I am so in love with this place.  This is the life I want.
This morning Derrick and I decided to try balancing a water bottle on different parts of our bodies, and I was amazed by how we kept entertained for ages with something as simple as a water bottle.  And how they tie together a bunch of plastic shopping bags and call it a football.  I just love the simplicity here.  I always say how I want to bring my babies back to America with me…but I don’t.  It would spoil them.  Take away that beautiful simplicity and contentment that I so love.  I couldn’t bear to bring them into my country of excess.
So that’s why I come to them instead!

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