Back to Kampala: January 9

25 Feb

6:45 pm
I’m up to 58 mosquito bites.  I’m taking my malaria pills very faithfully, so here’s hoping they work.
I love how sexy Uganda makes me 😉 My hair is wind-tossed and un-brushed, my skin is burned and filthy, I’m covered in pink swollen bites like some sort of rash, I probably smell like a goat, and I’ve been wearing the same skirt for four days straight.  But strangely, even with all of that, I have still never felt so wonderful in my life.  This is living at its best.

10:00 pm
Finally back in Kampala.  I am almost too tired to write, because it has been a ridiculously long and busy day.  We got up and went to Paul’s orphanage, then drove to another church way out in the bush, then to another church even more out in the bush, then drove another 4 hours to get back here.  So we’re tired out.
Paul’s was fantastic.  It was so good to go to a familiar place and see familiar faces and get a big soft enveloping hug from Mama Janet.  While I was very sad I didn’t get to see Misanyah Grace, I did get to see Moses and Ibra and Stella and my other loves.  We kicked around a dusty football, and tried to see how many different body parts we could hit it with.  We got feet, knees, hands, elbows, shoulders, head, chin, and hips.  It was pretty funny seeing them try to imitate me..
Then one of them kicked it under the crude wooden table, and I ran to get it, and when I stood up I bashed my face on the table corner.  My vision got all fuzzy and I was dizzy and it hurt so bad.  It bled a little and hurt a lot, but everything is fine.  The kids thought it was hilarious, though–I guess pain is funny in any language.
I cried when I left them.  Who knows when I might see those kids again?  I love them so.
But although I love Busia so very dearly, I must say it is lovely to be back here in Kampala again.  Maybe tomorrow will be the day I give Derrick the guitar!

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