Around Kampala: January 5

17 Jan

7:30 pm
I am utterly exhausted.  Completely.  Today was a good day, but tiring.  We first went to the Widows and HIV Centre to visit Grace and the women and children.  When we got there, they all ran outside caterwauling and shaking our hands and hugging us and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so loved.
Then we went to a church that was planted back in May.  Then it had four people in the congregation, but you can see in the picture below that it has grown a lot since then.  It was great.  And we did eyeglasses again too.

When we took a break for lunch (at 5 in the afternoon!) we had soda, and nobody had a bottle opener so one of the guys, Michael, opened them with his teeth!  It was pretty hardcore.
You know, every time I am on mission like this, I am reminded anew how strong God is. Because yesterday I was so very tired, and I said to myself, “I can’t do this again.”  But today, God worked things out and made me able to do it again.  It always blows my mind how, when I am so tired and incapable, God is so much stronger and greater than I am.
I love these people.  I love how when they want you to take a photo of them, they say “shoot me!” It’s so cute.

Now we are about to eat dinner.  Did I mention how I love African food?  I am having goat stew with matoke and rice.  OM NOM NOM.  Yes.  And watermelon juice.  Real, fresh, true watermelon juice.
You know what’s funny?  I dress so colourful here in Africa.  In the States I wear grey and black and brown and dark colours.  But here I wear yellow and green and pink and blue.  I’m just so happy…I guess the clothes I wear hear reflect my heart.
Today I was telling Grace how this is my favourite place, and she couldn’t believe it.  But I told her yes, it’s true! And I told her how I want to live here one day, and she just laughed.

Last night, Leenie was standing up on the bed, wrapped up in the quilt, beatboxing and hiccuping and shaking her butt like an African woman.  For those of you who have never met Leenie, let me tell you that she is not the sort of person you expect to see that sort of behaviour from.  Anyway, then she fell off the bed, and we were both laughing so hard, and Sue just gave Leenie a funny look and went back to reading.
Tonight I shall be more careful to shut my mosquito net, because I’m getting horribly bit.
But now I’m going to have a shower, because I have so much dirt on my skin that you can see the outline of my shoes and clothes.  It’s a good feeling, being this filthy.  It means I worked hard and poured myself out.

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