The First Goggles Clinic: January 4

16 Jan

7 pm
Today.  Today, today was simply gorgeously fantastic.  So wonderful.  I love this place.
We did the eyeglasses clinic today.  It is so frustrating, especially when we’re trying to have two exam stations, waiting areas, and handing out glasses for over a hundred people in a room half the size of my kitchen at home.  But my translator Patricia was fantastic, and to see the looks on people’s faces when they have their glasses is so worth all the difficulties of making it happen.

I’ll tell you what, I could eat Ugandan food every flipping day of my life.  Every day.  By far my favourite sort of food.  So good.
I love how they call glasses ‘goggles’ here.  Makes my day, every time.  And how they call me doctor.  “Doctor, I need a pair of goggles.”  So precious.
One lady I examined gave me a really beautiful necklace made of painted beans.  I shall wear it every day of my life.
Today I also got to see Mercy and Esther and Mum Alice, and meet baby Mark.  And Derrick took my camera for the day and got some grand pictures.

And on the way home we had nine people in a six-passenger van, and I sat on Dad’s lap.  Haven’t done that in a good ten years.  And strangely, it isn’t quite as comfortable as I remember.  It was pretty funny.

I got to hug all my babies today.  Oh, how I love them so.  How I just love them.  My precious babies.  I just want to cry, I love them so much.  I could fill this whole page with how much I love them.
Derrick asked me today if I could teach him to play my guitar.  I wanted so badly to tell him that it’s not my guitar, it’s his.  But I’m not ready to tell him yet.  When I do, though, it will be the best moment of my life.
I’m in Uganda.  I want to skip up and down the hall right now because I am in Uganda.  I’m here.  As soon as I set foot in this country, I said to myself, “I’m back.”  This is so right.  Everything about this place is just right.  I just…can’t find words.  I am so full of joy and the only thing I can think of to write about is how much I love this place.  I could fill a whole book with how much I love it here.

Oh wait.  A story before I go.  A guy accepted Christ 5 years ago, but he was never able to read his Bible because he couldn’t see it.  We have him glasses today, and he just dug right in.  I wish I were always as eager to read God’s Word as that man was today.  He could finally, finally read it, and then he just couldn’t put it down!
Stories like that are so cool.  It’s things like that which remind me why we do this.  Even if that man were the only life that was changed on this trip, it would still be worth every ounce of effort, every moment, every penny that has been spent on this trip.
I love this.
Oh, one more thing.  This is the conversation that just took place, and I think it perfectly illustrates the way time works in Africa:
Dad: “When do we need to be at the church tomorrow?”
Pastor Hummer: “Nine.”
Dad: “So what time will the van get here to pick us up?”
Pastor Hummer: “Sometime.  Sometime in the morning.” 

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