This Weekend

12 Nov

Has been one of the best ever. So I was at the Global Missions Health Conference in Kentucky this weekend, and I learned so much.  Everything from the practical treatment of things like malnutrition and malaria, to how to get into restricted nations, to what makes Christian medical missions Christian.  Like, this conference covered nearly everything I wanted to know about missions; spiritual, physical, social, and everything in between.  Good stuff.

Also, this weekend my youth group fasted.  Can I just say…how many youth groups really do stuff like that?  And of those groups who do it, how many are for real?  How many realise why they do what they do?  How many care?
My youth group, I think, is one of the select few that do. They blow my mind.
I wasn’t able to be at the actual fasting event because I was at the conference, but even though I couldn’t physically be there, I fasted alongside them and prayed for them.  And, much to my delighted surprise, I made it back from Kentucky just in time to break the fast alongside my youth group.  We had communion together, which I love, and then we pigged out on a grand feast, stuffing our faces until we were about to puke.  But that food was so good after having nothing for thirty hours!
Then we danced.
Yeah, we just turned on some background music to chill to, and within like a minute we spontaneously broke out into a dance rave.  It was fairly hilarious.  We danced until we were dizzy and laughed until we couldn’t breathe. That’s another thing I love about my youth group.  We know how to be serious, how to pray and how to serve and how to care…but we also know how to have a heck of a good time. I’m so blessed to be a part of this. I’m so proud of them.  I just want to brag and brag.  They are the most God-fearing, genuine, passionate, hard-working, and fun group of people I know.
Anyway, bragging over.

It’s been plaguing my mind, though, that as I went without food, feeling utterly sick with hunger, my head aching and my stomach empty and my vision swimming when I tried to stand up too fast, I was able to make it through because I knew there was an end in sight.
But what about all the people for whom there is no end in sight?  What about those people who can’t say “only 12 more hours until I can eat.”  They don’t know when, or even if, their fast will end.
So I almost felt guilty breaking the fast with a feast.  I almost felt bad for eating until I was full again.
But then I realised that this is only the beginning.  The fast is over, but it doesn’t stop there.  Fasting allowed me and my youth group to feel what it’s like to go to bed hungry.  But feeling it is only the first step in fixing it.
Now, it’s time for action.  It’s time to use what we learned this weekend and make a difference.

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