Why I Love Kona Guitars

07 Oct

Well, for one, I love my Kona guitar.  It’s awesome.

But now there’s another reason: they donated a guitar to my kids in Uganda!  All the way back in February, I posted a picture online of me with my own guitar in Africa, with the kids all crowded around me loving the music, and Mark from Kona found the picture and was asking me about it.  So I told him about how we were in Africa and how much the kids loved my guitar, and he said “well next time you’re going back, let us know and we’ll send a guitar with you for the kids.”

I just about died.

Fast forward eight months: the guitar arrived today!  I came home from work to find the box sitting in my living room, so I tore into it like it was Christmas.  The guitar is beautiful, and easy to play, so it’ll be great for the kids.  Mark also threw in a few electronic tuners, a bunch of extra pics, and some great how-to books to leave with the kids so they can teach themselves after I’ve come back to America.

So that’s why I’ll always buy from Kona if I have a choice.  They’ve certainly earned themselves a loyal customer!

Here’s the guitar:

And here’s the kid I’m going to give it to.  His name is Derrick, and he’s 14 years old. I know that he’ll use it ALL the time, he’ll take good care of it, and he’ll share it with the others. So I’ll be leaving the guitar in his custody.

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Posted by on October 7, 2011 in Music, Uganda January 2012


One response to “Why I Love Kona Guitars

  1. chrislnaish

    October 7, 2011 at 20:56

    WOW dude! Now THAT’s awesome! Thx for sharing this epic story! 🙂


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