Warrior Dash Tomorrow!

30 Sep

Heck yes.  3.5 miles of blood, sweat, and MUD.  Lots of it.

This will be my third race (the other two were road 4-milers) and my very first Warrior Dash, so I’m pretty stinking excited.  I love running, I love mud, I love my friends, and tomorrow will be packed full of all of those things!  I’ve already laid out my outfit (complete with my VFF’s, of course!) and signed my waiver, so now all that’s left to do is get there.

I’m a little bit apprehensive because lately I’ve been having left ankle pain (we think it’s tendinitis but I haven’t seen the doctor about it yet) that comes on if I try to run anything more than a mile.  So I haven’t been doing much running at all over the past couple of weeks, just a mile here or there because that’s all I can manage due to the excruciating pain.  So I’m hoping that taking it easy has given my ankle time to work itself out, but I’ll be popping some ibuprofen before the Dash just in case.

I have a couple of friends who’ve done the Warrior Dash, and looking at their pictures on facebook has gotten me all psyched up.  I can’t wait!  The weather should be great–cloudy with a high of 60, perfect running weather in my opinion.  And I’m doing it with my favourite people in the world, so we’re going to have a lot of fun.

I’ll definitely be blogging about how the Dash goes, and hopefully putting up some pics if I can, so check back soon for that.

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Posted by on September 30, 2011 in Running


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