Costa Rica Day Seven: 29 July

06 Aug

5:25 a.m.
I love early mornings here.  I love listening to the sounds of Los Anonos waking up.  The birds–so many bird songs!  And the many roosters crowing, and the cars out on the street, and the dogs barking and people’s voices and sometimes the egg man making his rounds, calling out over his loudspeaker.  It’s never really quiet here.  I just love to sit and listen.
I’m still blown away by how different the view from this balcony is.  So much has changed.  Some are good changes, like the new safer staircase on the house across the street, and some are bad changes, like the big empty scar where the flooding and landslides devastated the Quebrada.  But no matter how different it is now, it’s still one of my favourite views in the whole world!

6:22 p.m.
Today was unfathomably tiring.  I’m more tired today than I have been all week.
We did two eye clinics, one in Veinte Cinco de Julio and one in Los Anonos at Casa Nueva.  The Veinte Cinco one was from 8:00 to 12:30, and we saw over 120 patients.  The Anonos one was from 2:00 to 5:30 and we saw 118 people, making for a total of 238 patients seen today, which means over 400 patients total this week.
I love working alongside my Ticos!  Tito, Kevin, Nanis, Kliber, and Steven helped us with the Anonos clinic, and having them there really made things easier (and a lot more fun!)  I got to meet Kliber for the first time today, and I was calling him Kliber Bieber because his hair looks exactly like Justin Bieber.
And Kevin kept on calling me Amariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillo because that’s our catch phrase.  Then the others started calling me that too, and it makes me laugh so hard every single time.
And I got to see Wil again too, and meet his baby, Bruce.  Bruce has got to be one of the cutest babies in the world.
Now it’s dinner time, then youth group, then bed.  Thinking about leaving tomorrow makes me sad.

10:20 p.m.
Tonight was awesome!  We went to youth group, which is always my favourite part of every trip.
We started out with music, which is my ultimate favourite thing ever.  Then my dad got to speak to the group, and Julie H. translated.
Then afterwards I gathered everyone for a group photo, which was more like herding cats and required much yelling, but I finally got it.  Except for the elusive Kevin–he somehow manages to avoid every single photo I try to take. But everyone else is in it.
Then everyone signed my shirt, and we joked about amarillo and Justin Bieber, and laughed and laughed and laughed.  I met some new people too, and I even got to see Dago!
I was sad because I didn’t think I would get to see Dago because he isn’t living in Los Anonos right now, but tonight he showed up for a visit and I was so surprised and happy!
Tomorrow I told the youth group that we’re leaving at 4:30 in the morning and asked them to come say goodbye, so we’ll see who loves us enough to actually show up…

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