Costa Rica Day Four: 26 July

03 Aug

5:30 a.m.
It stormed all night last night.  Now this morning it is finally cooled off a bit, and everything is all misty.  It’s so beautiful.
It’s been so hot here in Nosara!  I didn’t think it would be this hot because in the San Jose area it was so nice, sometimes even a little chilly.  But over here at the beach it’s super hot.

Waking up at 5:30 is nice because everything is quiet and I have some time to just be alone and think before the day’s craziness begins.
The main emphasis in our devotional on this trip has been compassion, and I’m learning in a whole new way what compassion is.  It comes from two Latin words: one that means “to be with someone,” and one that means “to suffer.”  So Jesus showed the ultimate compassion when he came and lived with us, and then chose to suffer the worst pain imaginable on our behalf.I’m learning that God feels the same way about me as I feel about these people–only He feels it a million times stronger than I ever could.
I just feel so much love for the Costa Rican people.  I want to hug them, to laugh with them, to see them smile.  I want to meet them where they are and encourage them.  I want them all to see how much I love them, and more importantly how much God loves them.  And it breaks my heart to see them in pain, to see them making bad decisions.  Just like it breaks God’s heart to see me making bad decisions.  And like I said, I’ll never be able to love with the strength and perfection that God does, but being able to relate my feelings to His on some level has revealed to me a new side of Him.
I love this place, these people, the mountains and the ocean and the big smelly river.  I love the scruffy cats and the scruffy children.  I love my guys and I love the little old ladies.  I love the fog and the flowers.  I love the way it smells here.  I love to just sit down, close my eyes, and breathe.
And I love the howler monkeys, which are being quite loud as I write this.I just love it all!


9:10 p.m.
Today was unbelievably tiring. I’m spent.  But it was so good!  Between today and yesterday, we’ve seen 154 patients and given away 220 pairs of glasses.
There was this one guy that I gave glasses to, and he needed two different strengths, but when I handed him two pairs of glasses he said “I feel bad for taking two pairs because someone else can use them.”  It was so precious that he cared more about the other people’s needs than his own.  But we told him he could have both because we have plenty to go around.
Then we went to church and I held the microphone for Julie H to sing, and she taught the church a new Spanish song, and I learned it, and I absolutely love it.  Music in other languages is so cool!  And it always amazes me that God can hear songs and prayers in every single language all at once, and he listens to each one specifically.
Now the whole team is in a super hyper mood and everyone is laughing at everything.
There is this tower at our hotel, high above the building, with no walls and only a roof, and the open air rushes through and you can see the stars and the lightning.  It’s enchanting.  And the view is stunning.  So Tovah, Leenie, and I are going to sleep up there tonight.


The Tower O.o

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