Costa Rica Day Three: 25 July

02 Aug

5:30 p.m.
It’s storming now.  I love it.This morning we headed to the church at about 9:00, and we spent the morning doing crafts with the ladies.  We stopped for lunch around noon, and then after a delicious meal of homemade tamales we began my

favourite part: the eye clinic.  And I was able to do the eye exams without a translator, which was my goal from the start!
Terri was trying to find glasses for this young guy, maybe early 20’s, and she asked me to translate for him because he was being so picky!  It was hilarious.  “Too big.”  “too small.”  “Too round.”  “I want rectangular ones.”  “These look like ladies’ glasses.”  I was laughing and he was laughing, and it must have taken fifteen tries to find one that he liked!  It was so funny!  As he was leaving he came over to me and shook my hand and said, “you were so patient with me.”  At least he was appreciative of our feverish efforts to meet his painfully specific requirements.
Anyway, now we just got back to the hotel, and soon we’ll head off to dinner.  We were going to go to the beach as well, but the storm did away with that idea.
Clinics are so tiring and sometimes very frustrating, but when you hand someone glasses and they can see clearly for perhaps the first time, that makes every difficult moment worth it.
I’m sweaty and bug-bitten and so so tired.  But I couldn’t be happier!  God is so good to bring me here and let me do this!
Wow.  The storm just got ridiculous.  It’s raining unbelievably hard and the lightning is scary.  And the power just went out.  The rain is SO loud!  Maybe I’ll go inside now.
Oh, one more thing–there was a guy today with Perry the Platypus on his shirt!  It made me so happy.  Dad got a picture of me and him (:

9:00 p.m.
Power just came on after being out all evening.  We ate dinner by candlelight and it was fun.
Leenie just killed a spider in our room and now we are eating Pim’s sweets.  Pim’s are my new favourite, I think.  So good.
Tonight Julie, Terri, and I danced with the Ticos.  There was a dance class going on at the restaurant we ate at, so we joined in.  It was soooo fun but I was SO bad at it!   I laughed so much.
Julie H. gave me a crown-shaped sillyband to remind me that I’m God’s princess (:
I adore this place.  I absolutely adore it.  My heart is so full of love right now.  And I’m inestimably happy.  Also tired.  Completely drained.  But it’s a good feeling, knowing I poured myself out today.
And God is amazing.  Goodnight.

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