Costa Rica Day Two: 24 July

01 Aug

9:00 p.m.
It is late, and I am tired.  But today was a very very good day.
This morning we went to church.  We sang and I learned some new Spanish songs, and then Rodney talked about following Jesus rather than merely just believing in him.  I love this new church and I am thankful to have been part of it today.  Last time I was here, this church hadn’t been born yet, but now it’s here and doing so well!
I got to see Lester today, and I have him a hug.  Then I saw Pipo but he was gone before I had a chance to talk to him, which was a bummer.  But he was wearing the Summit shirt I gave him for his birthday last year!  I’ll just have to wait till Thursday to talk to him.
I also got to see Wil, which made me so happy because I was afraid I wouldn’t get to.  It still just blows my mind that he’s married and has a baby now!  Last time I was here he was just a kid it seemed, and now he’s a father!  He’s so proud of his baby, and I hope I get to meet him before I leave.
Then after church we packed up and drove four hours from Anonos to Nosara, where we’ll be spending the next few days.  We got here, went to the beach and had a quick swim, ate an awesome dinner, and went to bed.  Well, at least I’ll be going to bed when I finish writing this.
My Spanish is coming along so well!  It’s all coming back to me.  I’m having conversations with old friends, meeting new friends, singing, screwing around, and all in Spanish!  Luis and I talked for a long time in the van on the way here and he taught me some things and we joked around and laughed.  I love him.
Well, time for bed now.

We saw monkeys at the hotel!


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