Two Things

19 May

I have two very important things to talk about today.

First of all, I finished with high school today!  I will never, ever, ever be in high school ever again.  I will never refer to my grade by its number again, and I will never have to take another math class as long as I live!  (Unless I choose to…but my point here is that it won’t be mandatory.)  Yes!

I’m sure that one day I’ll miss being a young, carefree high school student.  But right now, I’m just happy!

So what’s next, you ask?  Well…this summer I’m going to be travelling a bit and doing other various things, as well as working on my music skills, my anatomy knowledge, and my Spanish conversational skills, and it’ll be awesome.
Then in August I’m going to Piedmont Virginia Community College and doing my general education classes, which will take two semesters.  I’ll also be getting a job, but I probably won’t start until I get my driver’s license in October.
Then I don’t know what I’ll do after that, seeing as I need to be 18 to get into the nursing program and I’ll only be 17 by the time I graduate my second semester of general education, but I’m considering taking a gap year and doing some long term mission work (if I do decide to do that, rest assured that I’ll be talking about it a lot in my blog–you won’t miss a thing!)
Then I’ll come home and begin studying to be a nurse.  And after that, we’ll see what God has planned (:

Now, the second thing that I have to talk about is a bit more serious.

I have several prayer requests regarding Los Anonos, Costa Rica, and I would appreciate it if you would pray for them as well.
There is always the issue of drug use and violence in Los Anonos, and I’ve lost a few good friends to the effects of drugs.  So it hurts me to know that my Ticos are struggling with that.  Please, please pray for the drug addicts of the community.  I wish I could make them see that they can find their fulfilment in Jesus and not drugs.  I wish I could tell them, but for now I’ll just pray.
Also, there was a fairly substantial earthquake last Friday, and several families received a wake-up call regarding the safety of the shacks in which they live.  According to Julie Herrmann (, the earthquake “caused the people living there to panic and question their safety in any subsequent aftershocks.”  So as you think of them, please be praying for their safety and peace.
The river that runs through the community is causing some concern as well.  Last fall, terrible flooding and mudslides destroyed countless homes and lives as seen in the photo below.  I pray that a flood of that magnitude won’t happen again, but the river is still a valid threat to the people near it.


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