Things I’m Thankful For: 126-150

11 May

126. Chocolate Milk
127. Banana splits
128. Playing cards with the Shelatzes
129. American toilets
130. Andy letting me borrow his book
131. Being able to read
132. Icicles
133. Cloudy days
134. Looking back over the first novel I ever wrote, laughing at how bad it is, and planning the changes I’ll make when I rewrite it.
135. Bear Grylls
136. Playing HexBugs with Jake and Julie
137. Quiet times when I can be alone with my thoughts
138. My bright pink pen
139. Pillows
140. The way my bedroom smells.
141. The colour Orange
142. My music note shaped paper clips.
143. NaNoWriMo, because it made me buckle down and write a novel.  Twice.
144. When Dad walks in the door after work each day.
145. Curling up with a sweater, a cup of tea, and a good book.
146. The Africa necklace Noah gave me.
147. Noah in general.
148. The Guinea hens that would strut about being loud and pompous and ugly while we ate breakfast each day in Swaziland.
149. The cheesy music on Harvest Moon DS and the nostalgia it induces.
150. Extra strong, extra sweet iced tea.


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