Things I’m Thankful For: 101-125

19 Apr

101. Folk music
102. PreCalculus has been easy this week (:
103. 6/8 time signature
104. Steve Demme’s cheesy jokes about math
105. Moonlight Sonata
106. The big wide world full of sights, sounds and cultures to experience
107. A dad who travels with me
108. The facebook message I got from Pastor Hummer today
109. When it’s 60 degrees outside.
110. When I get little comments or messages from my friends in Costa Rica
111. The C#m7 chord on the guitar.
112. Mashed potatoes
113. Hiking
114. The friends I made at anatomy camp.
115. Eating rice and beans, just like in Costa (:
116. Writing poetry
117. Mountain Dew
118. Hiking
119. Being excited to go to church
120. Christine
121. Discovering a new awesome song and listening to it a million times
122. All of the brilliant musicians out there in the world
123. Julie randomly telling me she loves me.
124. Random snowstorms.
125. Jan giving me advice about what to do for my foot problems.


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