Things I’m Thankful For: 76-100

10 Apr

76. My prayer partner for the Africa trip, Jeanie Raven…she means so much to me.
77. How we can laugh and have fun at band practice every Thursday night.
78. Listening to the Summit band’s music from the first few weeks we were together, and hearing how far we’ve come in the last couple of years.
79. M&Ms
80. A fresh blank piece of paper, just waiting to be written or drawn on.
81. The joy that I get from learning about the human body and using that knowledge to help others.
82. The look on people’s faces when I gave them a new pair of glasses and they could see for the first time in years.
83. Fresh bananas
84. Rex singing, “Happy Christmas, lonely Christmas” at the karaoke club in China (:
85. Crunchy autumn leaves under my feet
86. Priscilla having a spare guitar string that she let me use when I broke my high E in the airport.
87. God’s healing when I had HSP, and all the people who prayed for me, and that it never came back.
88. My shirt that the Africa kids signed (:
89. Pizza
90. Caterpillars
91. Talking to Torie on the phone
92. Wasabi and soy almonds
93. Playing Dungeons and Dragons with Jake
94. Calculators.
95. The cotton candy that Julie bought me with her Chuck E Cheese tickets.
96. Our old cat Jamocha, how he made us laugh and cry.
97.  The huge, ecstatic smiles on the Swaziland girls’ faces when I offered to paint their nails.
98. Derrick saying “Garbage?”
99. Hearing my favourite song come on the radio.
100. God has given me 100 things to be thankful for, and there are still many many more!


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