Things I’m Thankful For: 51-75

25 Mar

51. Strawberries
52. My amazing grandparents on both sides of the family, who love me and make me smile.
53.  Stoney Tangawiki
54. Misanyah Grace
55. Derrick and his family.
56. The Wednesday nights with Jamie and Leenie, playing black witch and Smash Bros and eating frozen pizza.
57. The teddy bears that Pipo gave me.
58. Blue.
59. February Album Writing Month
60. My microscope.
61.  Julie Frymier
62. Nail polish.
63. Shadowing Sue in the O.R.
64. My laptop.
65. Bandaids.
66. The opportunity to get an education, even through college.
67. My car, and learning to drive.
68. Sigrid
69. Gel Pens.
70. Candles.
71. Fuzzy socks.
72. Hot tea.
73. Chocolate Chip cookies
74. Being bilingual.
75. The little valentine that Julie painstakingly made for me.


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