Things I’m Thankful For: 26-50

21 Mar

26. A pen.
27. The joy that music brings me.
28. Jell-o.
29. My desk.
30. My wonderful friends in China and the memories we share.
31. Clean water to drink.
32. The clothes on my back.
33. The way the trees dance when the wind hits them.
34. The fact that I’m still alive at the age of 15.  Some of the children I fell in love with in Africa won’t make it that far.
35. That Aunt Trudy loves me enough to think of me at Valentine’s Day.
36. Hot showers.
37. Converse shoes.
38. Shoes in general.
39. Pajamas.
40. Ice Cream.
41. Mumford and Sons .
42. The blood pulsing through my body.
43. Photography.
44. My keyboard.
45. Growing up in a Christian family.
46. Kittens’ paws.
47. My grey sweater.
48. Fluffy blankets.
49. Chai tea.
50. Jeans.


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