1,000: Introduction

18 Mar

I didn’t have a Valentine to swoon and gush over this year.  (I say that as though I’ve ever had a Valentine to swoon and gush over.)  And it was a little bit lonely, you know, not having a date to look forward to, having nobody to write mushy poems for, not doing all the stuff that girls with boyfriends do for Valentine’s Day.

But you know what?  I’m fifteen years old, and my husband and I both have a lot of growing up to do before we’re ready for each other.  So instead of worrying about boyfriends and stuff, this year I decided that Jesus would be my Valentine.

My mum and I decided that, starting on Valentine’s Day and ending on Easter, we were going to each write down 1,000 things that we’re thankful for.  That was my Valentine’s Day gift to Jesus–being more thankful for what He’s given me.  And His gift to me was, well, each one of the 1,000 things that would soon fill my notebook.

That was a little over a month ago.  To date, I have written down 485 things.  And starting later today, I hope to begin blogging periodically about each of the things I write down.  Of course I can’t dedicate an entire blog post to each of the 1,000 things+ that I end up with, but I at least hope to provide a list, and maybe go into detail on some of the highlights.

So anyway, I wish I had started blogging about my 1,000 things earlier, but I’m doing it now though.

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Posted by on March 18, 2011 in 1,000 Things I'm Thankful For


One response to “1,000: Introduction

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    March 18, 2011 at 21:01

    Can’t wait to read more about your list, Shannon! You are precious to me in so many ways. And, I knew that you’d be ahead of me in the list…I’m on the 390s and rounding the corner to 400. I think we’re going to make it by Easter!


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