Take Your Life

06 Mar

So when I wrote this song for February Album Writing Month 2011, I was thinking about my friends in Africa…When I left them, I said I’d be back and I’d see them again and I couldn’t wait to come visit again and all that…but today I realised–What if I don’t see some of them again?
One of them is very very sick with AIDS and it hit me today that by the time I’m able to come back to visit, he could be dead. He’s around my age, maybe even a little younger, and he’s facing deadly sickness. What must that be like?
And why am I still alive and well? What makes me deserve to live any more than he does? Nothing, that’s what. There’s no reason that he should be so sick, dying so young, other than the fact that this is a messed-up world.
So since I’ve been given the gift and privilege of being alive and healthy, I’ve decided that I’m going to use that gift to help those less fortunate. So that’s the story behind this song.


On the other side of the world
On the top bunk of his bed
He crawls under the blanket
And lays down his weary head
He knows his days are numbered
And his time is slipping by
At fifteen years old, he already knows
That it’s a miracle he’s still alive

Every single moment is one step closer to his end
When he shuts his eyes he fears he’ll never open them again

What if that were you?
Would you live life any differently?
Would you live out loud, seize today
Because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed
Would you show some love, lend a hand
Make a difference, take a stand
Would you make a change, take a chance,
Live every day like it’s your last?

Take your life and make it count
Don’t put it off another day
Your life is your most precious gift
Don’t let it go to waste

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