Uganda/Swaziland Trip – Days 14 and 15 (January 26th and 27th)

11 Feb

January 26, Wednesday, 10:30 p.m.

So…saying goodbye again was a killer.  I don’t know how many goodbyes I can handle.  But there is always the hope of seeing them again.  It’ll probably be pretty soon, maybe a few months, but even if not I know I’ll see them in heaven.  And I was given many gifts to remind me of this place.
Now we’re in the airport.  We got here around 7:00 this evening (that was almost 4 hours ago) and our flight doesn’t take off until 7:00 tomorrow morning.  We got here so early because the rest of the team will be taking off pretty soon on their flight back to the USA, but Dad and Cammie and I don’t leave for Swaziland for another almost 9 hours!  It’s 6 whole hours before we can even go to our gate, let alone board the plane!  And I’m feeling pretty sick still…today was my worst day yet.
But I’m going to take a Tylenol PM and hopefully I’ll get some sleep…because we’ll be here for a while.

3:00 a.m. January 27th

The cold hard floor of the airport lobby is not really the best setup for sleeping.  But I slept for five whole hours, and am feeling at least somewhat more rested.  I’m amazed and very glad that I was able to sleep for that long.  But the floor was sooo cold, and now my teeth are chattering together and it’s annoying me.
Now we have to hurry up and get to our gate so we can wait some more…hopefully in more comfortable chairs, and maybe some good food?

January 27th, Thursday, 8:47 p.m.

In Swaziland!   It’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s almost like a vacation here, the hotel is so nice.  Tonight I took a REAL, HOT shower for the first time in two weeks and I feel pretty good.  It’s amazing what a good shower can do.
My cough is still hanging on, but I’m starting to feel a little bit better…I think.
My emotions are mixed right now.  Very much so.  On one hand, I’m thrilled to be here, on another hand I miss my home in America, and on still another hand (and probably the strongest one) I miss Uganda terribly.
Well, not much to write today, because all I’ve done is sit in planes and cars…and that’s not very interesting.
Swaziland is GORGEOUS.
At the airport in Uganda last night (was it only last night??) one of the staff at a little cafe told me I should marry him so I don’t have to leave Uganda.   I was so tired at the time that I just laughed politely and forgot about it, but now that I’m remembering it I’m cracking up.  But I’ll take his suggestion into consideration..not him specifically, because he’s probably ten years older than me and by the time I’m old enough to get married he’ll be an old man…but really, marrying a Ugandan doesn’t sound like such a bad idea!

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  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    February 11, 2011 at 23:02

    I. just. love. you. That is all.


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