Uganda Trip – Days 8 and 9 (January 20th and 21st)

06 Feb

Thursday January 20th 11:30 p.m.

I promised myself that I would not go a single day without writing, and I intend to hold to that, even thought it’s very late and I’m super tired.

We ended up doing eye clinic again today.  Again, Leenie and I did the exams all by ourselves!  It’s getting easier and easier, but it’s still kinda scary knowing that people are relying on me for important things like their eyesight and stuff.  But I love the smile on people’s faces when they put on their very own pair of glasses and can see for the first time in years, or for some even in their entire lives.

I had a bunch of the orphans sign one of my shirts today, and the bartender and the waiters and Pastors Paul and Hummer.  I then proceeded to get that shirt filthy by laying it on the dusty ground, so I just finished washing it in the little blue washtub in the bathroom.  I hope it comes clean.

Today I feel in a much better mood than yesterday.  Everyone does, really.

I’m getting to bed so late tonight because I was outside talking to Zack and Marlee for a really long time.  I’m so glad to have them on my team.  I just love every person on this team and every one of them is dear to my heart in a different way.  They’re great.

I still can’t stop coughing, and I’m getting tired of it!

There was no crusade tonight.  At first I was disappointed, but it ended up being better that way.  We just relaxed and bonded and had fun and decompressed, and I think that was just what I needed.

Zack is feeling much better today.  He’s back to eating everything in sight now….

So far nobody else has been sick, which is good.

Well, I’m very thankful to God for today and can’t wait to see what He does tomorrow!

Cammie and Stella

Friday January 21, 10:30 p.m.

I’m sick today.  I’ve been coughing a bit for the past few days, but today it took a turn for the worse.  I had a really sore throat and chest when I went to bed last night, and then when I woke up this morning I felt awful.  My voice was squeaky and crackly, my stomach felt queasy, my chest felt tight, and I couldn’t stop coughing.  Sometimes it sounds really nasty, but mostly it’s just a dry, persistent cough.  I just feel awful.

I was so busy today that I pushed my sickness out of my mind and didn’t feel too bad, but then tonight it returned with a vengeance.  I hope I can sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

So this morning we were supposed to leave for the orphanage at 8:00, but our ride didn’t get here until 11:30!  So Leenie and Zack and I played cards and stuff.  It was fun and we laughed so much.

Then when we finally got there, we started by doing profiles for the kids to get sponsored.  I was the photographer, and I got some great pictures!  Just priceless.  Those kids are precious.

Then Cammie and I painted nails.  We have never had so many hands and feet shoved in our faces all at once!  It was chaos, but the women and girls (and some boys!) just loved it.  When Cammie took the nail polish out of her bag, an old woman just fell to her knees laughing.  She was so thrilled that we would want to paint her nails!  And one of the ladies that I did said “thank you for loving us” and I will never forget that.

Then I sat down on the floor and about 10 of the orphans crowded around me and we drew and played clapping games and tickled each other.  And Stella was singing about me, saying “I love Shannon, Shannon is a good girl” and I thought that was the cutest thing ever!

I gave Stella an old rubber band that I had had around my wrist, and her face just lit up.  I mean, she was just amazed that I would give her something of mine, even if it was just a plain old rubber band.

Then Moses gave me a mango, and I ate it to be nice even thought I don’t terribly like mangoes, and this one was so sour that I could barely eat it, but the kids loved to watch me peel it and eat it and get the juice all over my hands and face.  They thought it was hilarious.

We stayed at the orphanage all day and didn’t break for lunch until 5:00!  Today was long and hard and tiring, but it was so nice because there was no clinic, so I had time to just bond with the kids.  It was great.  Probably my favorite day so far.

Then after lunch, we went for a long walk and saw the place where the people get their water and visited some little mud huts.  This one boy held my hand the entire time.  And a group of kids greeted me in their language, Samia-Lugwe, and I greeted them back, which I was very proud of, but they just laughed and laughed at the crazy Mzungu (white person) trying to talk like them.

Derrick, Pastor Hummer’s son, can speak 4 or 5 different languages at the age of 13!  He speaks Samia, Luganda, English, and his mother’s language which is pretty obscure and I can’t remember its name right now, and I think he speaks a bit of Swahili as well.

Shadrack the bartender thinks he’s getting malaria, and he asked us if we had anything to give him for it, but we already gave away all our malaria medicine!  I feel so bad for him!  But we’re planning to buy some more, so hopefully we’ll get it to him before he gets really sick.

I can’t believe that we only have 2 more full days before we go back to Kampala!  Today I thought about saying goodbye to my Busia kids and I burst into tears.  I’ll miss them.

Well, now I’m going to get some rest and pray I feel better in the morning!

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One response to “Uganda Trip – Days 8 and 9 (January 20th and 21st)

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    February 7, 2011 at 13:48

    I have tears in my eyes reading about the response to the nail polish. Something so simple, something that we take for granted, is so precious to them. Thank you for sharing your experiences in writing, Shannon. It’s wonderful to hear you speak of them, but I also love being able to read about your experiences. It’s almost as if I’m walking beside you.

    Keep on writing! And serving! And loving people! And loving God!


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