The Fright of a Lifetime

05 Nov

Today, I lost a large portion of my NaNo novel.  I have no idea how it happened; I saved it and everything, but when I took the thumbdrive out of computer A and put it into computer B, I lost a ton of words.  No clue why or how.

Thankfully, it was only 2,000 words.  When I saw that words were missing, I was afraid that it was much more than that; when I saw the amount that had been lost I breathed a sigh of relief.

But the relief was short-lived.  Two thousand words is a lot!  Those were two thousand words that I worked hard on this afternoon!  It was a like two hours worth of writing for me, and when you’re trying to write 50k in a month, that kind of thing really sets you back.  I went from 11,000 and some to 9,000 and some.  And that’s huge.

On the bright side, I’m far enough ahead that I had plenty of time to rewrite the lost words.  Thank goodness.  I just finished rewriting them all and am back up to nearly 12,000 now.

I was hoping to reach 13,000 before bed tonight, but that’s not looking likely.  I think maybe I’ll shoot for 12k and then stop.  I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow my writing buddy is coming over!  She recently lost six thousand words, so I can’t complain too much–it could be worse.

We’re going to write a ton, or maybe just a little bit…  And we’ll eat some food, and do some needle felting, and all kinds of exciting procrastination!

NaNo is going well this year overall.  Today was a bit of a bump in the road, but I’m still confident in my ability to finish.

Now I’m going to get off of wordpress and actually write my novel rather than wasting time writing blog posts and facebook comments.

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