Excerpt: Five Hundred Photographs

03 Nov

My favorite part of the novel so far!

The afternoon air was sticky and warm and smelled of people and cars.  Jill and Rowan found a place out of the way of the crowd and waited for a taxi to take them into the heart of San Jose.

Rowan was so excited that he could barely stand still.  When he was able to get a taxi to pull over, he followed Jill inside and immediately plastered his face against the window.  “Look at everything!” he exclaimed.  “Look at that little car!  Look at what that motorcyclist just did; is that legal?  I wonder what those fuchsia flowers are called?”

Jill smiled at his enthusiasm.  “You should take a picture of them,” she suggested.

Rowan rooted through his bag for his camera and began frantically snapping pictures through the open window.  A hot breeze blew through, ruffling his hair, filling the car with the smell of Costa Rica.  Rowan’s enthusiasm was contagious; Jill soon found herself marveling at the beauty that was all around them.

As they drove deeper into the city, there was more and more to look at.  There were people everywhere, from homeless men sleeping on the sidewalks to well-dressed businesspeople walking to and from their jobs to street performers with guitars dancing and playing for whoever would watch.


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