Hello, NaNoWriMo.

07 Oct

So…it’s October, yes?  That means it’s time to start preparations for Novelwriting Season!  NaNoWriMo, as of right now, is 24 days away!  So far I’ve got my three main characters (Jill Sanford, Rowan Carter, and Daniel Ortiz), two of my settings (community college, and Los Anonos CR), and a vague plotline.  I’m falling hopelessly in love with my characters already, and they haven’t even been written yet!

I’m not planning on doing too much preparation, because I sometimes like to just sit down and write without worrying about a plan or outline…

So this November is going to be craaaazy and wonderful, and I can’t wait!  The nanowrimo website is abuzz (I like that word) with activity from the other 30,000 writers who have signed up (so far!) and are waiting anxiously, like me, for November 1st!

Here are some random facts about what NaNoWriMo looks like for me.

My favorite things to wear while novelwriting are a pair of cozy jeans, a big soft hoodie, toe socks, and sometimes fingerless gloves because my hands get cold really easily.  And it’s really hard to type when you can’t feel your fingertips.

My favorite things to drink/eat while novelwriting are hot tea, coffee, and anything chololate.

My writing space is the desk underneath my loft bed.  The real-life version looks like this And the cartoon version looks like this

So….you’ll definitely hear more updates once NaNoWriMo begins (: And maybe before then, because I can’t bear to keep my excitement all to myself.

You should definitely join me.

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