A Thousand Sunsets (Song 30 of 50)

15 Sep

One day I’ll have a lover
I’ll know him instantly
I’ll know him by his kindness
And the way he cares for me
When he asks me for my heart
And takes my hand on bended knee
I’ll say yes because I trust him
To be everything I need

He’ll treat me like a princess
And he’ll love me with all his heart
He’ll tell me that he misses me
Whenever we’re apart
He’ll make my life a blessing
As I’ll strive to do for him
And even when we disappooint,
We’ll be willing to forgive

As he and I grow older
Our love will grow more sweet
And I know that he will never fail
To sweep me off my feet
We’ll sit on our front porch
And watch the sunset, hand in hand
And when we’ve watched a thousand sunsets
We’ll start all over again

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Posted by on September 15, 2010 in FiftyNinety, Music, Writing


One response to “A Thousand Sunsets (Song 30 of 50)

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    September 16, 2010 at 08:16

    So beautiful, Shannon. You are really going to bless your future husband! Praying for the young man God has chosen for you.


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