11 Aug

Okay so…I’ve been posting all of these songs in my FiftyNinety category, but if you’re reading them you might not really know what 50/90 is.  So I’ll explain.

In short, it’s the time between July 4th and October 1st, during which a few hundred crazed musicians around the world attempt to write 50 songs in 90 days.

Some people are crazy enough to try 50 songs in 90 hours, and a few have even tried 50 songs in 90 minutes!   I’m the traditional type, although writing 50 songs in 90 minutes would be a great exercise for my songwriting muscle (:  We also get together and do collaborations, which are anything from two people working on a song together, to a whole group contributing a line or a chord to make a song.  Right now we’ve got one going on with all (or most) of the high school/college participants.  It’s still in the making, but I might post it when it’s done…possibly…

So anyway…if you want more information (you should participate next year) go to

As of right now, I’ve got 18 complete songs, plus 13 messing-around songs that I wrote when I wanted to see how many songs I could write in a half hour.  So total songs = 31, but only 18 of those will count toward my goal of 50.

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