Someday Lover (Song 7 of 50)

01 Aug

Someone to drink my coffee with
And take pleasure in the small things
Someone to make me feel like a princess
And someone to give me wings
He’ll write “I love you” with his finger
On the steamy bathroom mirror
He’ll make me love my life more than I ever thought I could

He’ll be my best friend
He’ll make me smile like the sun
He’ll take me in his arms and kiss me sweetly on the nose
He’ll give me flowers
And say I’m precious
I’ll fall asleep at night to the sound of his voice
I might not know him yet
But even now I know he’s mine
He’s my someday lover

A warm body to curl up beside
On Christmas Eve at night
He’ll be my protector
And I’ll be his delight
He’ll tell me that I’m gorgeous
Even when I think I’m not
He’ll be my knight in shining armor and he’ll carry me away


Sometimes it might get tiring
Like crawling up a hill
But Love should last a lifetime
And I know that our love will
When he says to me “I do”
I’ll never doubt it’s true
He’ll kiss away our troubles and make everything alright


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Posted by on August 1, 2010 in FiftyNinety, Writing


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