Asia Trip (Posts 3 and 4 of 7)

12 Jul

July 6th

We worked today.  WORKED.  It was a very long day…but it was fun.  We did checkups in a factory all day today, and I got to measure almost 100 blood pressures and pulses.  We also presented the Gospel to them, and 36 accepted Christ!  On the long bus ride home from the factory, I sat next to Eliam, one of our translators.  She gave me a Chinese name, Wei Xiao, which means “Smile.”  She says it’s because I like to smile a lot.  Kenny said that he met a guy from Taiwan whose English name is Chocolate.  So cute!  I was looking out the window on the bus and these two adorable little guys drove up beside us at a stoplight and yelled hello to me i their adorable little accents.  Eliam says that Americans are like superstars here.  Well, I’m tired.  It’s sooo hot and humid here, and I worked really hard today.  Can’t wait till tomorrow!

July 7th

Today was much the same as yesterday.  We worked in the same factory, but today I spent the second half of the day presenting the Gospel instead of doing BP and pulse.  As a team we saw 47 people come to Christ, including our bus driver!!  That breaks E3’s Asia record!  Supper was good today.  Except for the chicken feet and pig ears.  We fit about 20 people around a table for 12.  It was fun, except for poking people with chopsticks and not having enough elbow room…  I LOVE this place!

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