Asia Trip (Part 5 of 7)

12 Jul

July 8th

Favorite day so far!  Today we had 58 people come to Christ out of the 165 we shared with.  It was great!  Mostly I worked for Doctors Sue and Kenny, taking blood pressure and stuff, but I also did some Gospel sharing too and God used me to bring 6 people to Him today!  I can’t believe He used me for such an amazing thing, when I’m so small and imperfect.  Just goes to show that it was Him, not me.  I had some help translating today from a guy whose English name is Rex.  He translated for me and was very helpful.  He said his English was bad and while it left room for improvement, I was quite impressed.  I didn’t really need a translator for my job but Rex really wanted to help us somehow so I let him, and I really loved working with him.  He’s very sweet.  He’s not a believer, so we shared the Gospel with him and I’m praying that he’ll think about it and choose Jesus.  (I’d love it if you would pray for him, too.)  Yesterday a man asked me why he should believe Jesus instead of Buddha.  What is it about Jesus that is so much better?  I said it was because Buddha cannot save you, and Buddha has no power over death.  Jesus is alive today, and Buddha is still dead.  But I think it’s really sad how so many people reject Jesus just because they want to cling to Buddha instead.  Tomorrow I’m leading group devotions.  I’ve been thinking this week about how God is multilingual, and I’m going to talk about that and about how he understands not only the languages of his people, but also the languages of the mountains and the animals and the ocean and floods.  Psalm 148

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