Asia Trip (Part 2 of 7)

12 Jul

I wrote this on the night of July 5th, our first full day there.

Today was great…we slept in (I’m almost over my jet lag) and the food is amazing.  It’s so much better than takeout!  We rested, bonded, and hung out today.  Doug was pretty sick this morning but is feeling better tonight.  This afternoon we sorted and counted pills for tomorrow’s visit to the underwear factory.  Then we went to dinner with our translators.  I sat by a really sweet girl named Esther and we talked and she laughed at my less-than-perfect chopstick skills.  Then we went to church at a local training center.  This church reminds me of Costa Rica churches in a way I can’t quite describe.  Maybe it’s the way the people are so friendly.  They are all trying to learn English and were singing in English and their fervor amazed me.  Then Kenny  and I taught them a few more songs.  It was very short-notice, and both were songs I’ve never played before but I think we did well.  Then they tried to teach us some Chinese songs, which I promptly forgot. ):  Right now I’m so tired I can barely think, so I’m going to bed.

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