Missions Update

08 Jun

Here’s a quick update on my upcoming trip to East Asia…

1st of all…IT’S PAID IN FULL!  I have all the money I need ($3,300) plus some!  Thanks, God (and thanks to everybody who pitched in!).  Now I can start saving for my next trip, whether it’s Uganda, Swaziland, or Costa Rica…Still waiting to hear what God wants me to do next, but I can be preparing for it even now.

2nd…It’s less than 4 weeks away.  Yikes.  I am so scared!  But that only adds to the excitement (and increases my faith!) so it’s a good fear–Mostly.  Still, I’d appreciate prayers, as always (:  The place that we’re going is–how to explain it–not exactly hostile, really, but it’s just better for us to play it safe.  In other words, we can’t talk about it over the internet other than just saying “East Asia.”  And we’ve got to be careful where we go and what we say while we’re there.  But we were talking with a couple who just got back from a year-long trip to the same country as we’re going, and they said “The Bible doesn’t say to share your faith timidly–it says share your faith BOLDLY.”  So while we’ll be working with a healthy dose of caution, we don’t have to live in fear for the entire trip.

3rd…Prayer is greatly needed in many ways.  Here are some of our requests:

  • Right now we’re still trying to work out some things such as boarding for the team and the specific place in which we’ll be working.  Pray that the people in charge will have wisdom in working out the details.
  • Safe travels to and from our destination.  It’s a long flight and once we arrive at the airport over there things will be hectic to get to where we’re going.
  • Spiritual strength.  We can’t let pride, fear, or anything else get in the way of our purpose!  We’ve gotta focus on God and let go of everything else.  We’ve also got to resist the devil, because I can’t imagine that he’s too happy with us right now 😉
  • Physical strength.  We want to be well-equipped to do what God wants from us!  And it’ll be quite easy to get sick while we’re there, which is something we don’t want to do.
  • And, of course, pray for the people we’ll be serving.  Hopefully they will be receptive and welcoming, and their hearts will be open to what God has to say through our mission team.  And the language barrier…that will be so hard, but we need to overcome it.  Translators are limited and none of us know the language enough to be conversational (except Steve, maybe?) so we’ll need to persevere despite these difficulties.

So I’m looking forward to this trip in 25 days, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before we’re ready to go!  Things are going well, though, and I’m thankful for this opportunity and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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2 responses to “Missions Update

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    June 8, 2010 at 10:59

    So proud of you, Shannon!! I’m praying for you and the team, as well as the people you’ll be serving on your trip. I’m excited to see how God works in the through you as you allow Him to stretch you and move you out of your comfort zone. Thanks for your obedience to go. I love you, Sweetie!

  2. Terri Whiddon

    June 9, 2010 at 06:12

    Praying for you and the team, Shannon. Praying for physical strength and health, for spiritual strength and boldness, and for Gods’ hand of protection to be on you and the team. May you be blessed, and the people who are going to receive the gospel through your heart of faithfulness and service. I will be excited to hear about it when you get back! I pray that God will one day send me, too!! <3<3<3 Love in Him, Terri Whiddon


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