30 Apr

So I started almost a week late, but managed to pull off the 100 pages in the month of April.  Actually, 106 pages.  (: 

Yep, that’s my winner badge.  Because I’m a winner.  And I won.

I might turn my script into a novel now.  As my first-ever attempt at writing a screenplay, it turned out pretty awful.  But at least it’s there, and it’s 106 pages that hadn’t been written a month ago.  So I’m going to rewrite it and revise it and rework it and a bunch of other stuff and it might just turn out okay.

It was hard to write a script because when I write, I rely a lot on my characters’ feelings, emotions, and thoughts.  But in a script you can’t really do that, and it was hard.  I had to write a whole story only using action and dialogue.  But it was good practice, and I had fun.

Now I can’t wait to go brag about it to all my friends, regardless of whether or not they actually care.

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Posted by on April 30, 2010 in Writing


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