Master Plan

16 Apr

God is amazing me more every day.  I don’t know how that’s possible, for him to just keep on getting more and more awesome, but he’s doing it!

He’s got huge things going on all over the world, and he actually wants me to be a part of them.  Me!  I’m small, and insignificant, and far from perfect, and yet he still wants me to be a part of his master plan.  That’s crazy to think about, but it makes me smile.  This is why I’m here on this earth–my purpose.  I would rather be doing this than anything else.

Please pray for me and my team as we get ready to head off on another mission trip in July.  It’ll be a lot more expensive than Costa Rica has been, so we’re all feeling somewhat pressed for funds.  God has always provided, and will continue to, but I can’t help but feel just a tad bit stressed.  It’s hard to find the balance between trying to raise all of the funds myself, and sitting back doing nothing and trusting God to provide them.  There’s a midpoint there that I have yet to reach.  A point where I’m working for my money but still trusting God to follow through.  So please pray that I’ll reach that point.

Also pray for our safety as we go.  It’s far away, very far, and I’ve never been there before so I’m rather nervous…Excited all the same, though!

Oh yeah…check out this guy’s blog.  He’s awesome!  He’s one of the long-term missionaries at Harvest Hands, the organization we’ve been working with in Costa Rica.  I just found his blog the other day and I loved reading it.

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