Day 4

25 Mar

Okay, I’m typing in invisible ink right now and cannot see what I’m doing…so bear with me. I don’t know why these words won’t show up, but I hope they’re spelled right and all that…

Today was amazing. We finished our mural in the quebrada, having the kids helping us and that was very cool. And we also made little wooden crosses with the kiddos, and they gave me so many that i finally had to ask them to make crosses for someone else.
And tonight I was just getting ready to post this when Steve came out and said that my Ticos were waiting for me outside, so I of course had to go out and spend like two hours wasting time with them. We played the guitar for a really long time but then when that kinda faded out we started to play “Manos Moradas” which is where you slap each others hands until someone gives up. I beat Kevin, then I beat Pipo, and Nanis wouldn’t even try. Then Nanis was betting on Pipo, saying that if I could hit his hand 15 times in a row without him giving up he would give him 5,000 colones. So Pipo won that one. But then Nanis said he would give Pipo his playstation, and Kevin would give pipo his bike, if I could hit Pipo’s hand 100 times without Pipo giving up. I politely refused. What is it about men that like to tackle each other? They were beating each other up in the street (for fun, of course) and LIly and I were just looking on, smirking. And we’ve been making fun of Tito because you can smell his cologne from a mile away.
Last night was wonderful. We went to life group at David’s house and the itty bitty room had like 15 people in it and they were all talking in Spanish and it was a big jumble, so I kinda zoned out and chilled with God and my Ticos, which was really cool. Then they were talking about what they wanted to accomplish in life, and when it was my turn Alex said I had to say my 5 dreams in Spanish. So I gave it a try and only had to ask for help like 2 times, and everyone clapped and I have a feeling I probably blushed. And then on the way home I was walking with a guy named Will and we talked about what we like to do and stuff, and we like a lot of the same things like drawing, journaling, writing, reading. And we’ve both gotten stung by a jellyfish before, don’t ask how we got on that subject. And then today I saw him again and we painted the backs of each other’s shirts with handprints. And some of my other ticos followed us home from life group and we sat outside the house and played guitar. It was off-key and off-beat but beautiful just the same.

I am really surprised by how easily my Spanish is coming to me; I can have real conversations now!
Well I really must go to bed now….it’s 12:18 in VA which means 10:18 here, and I need my sleep if I am to wake up at 5 tomorrow. Plus I am the last one who is still awake and I don’t like it…
And my finger infection is feeling better. Not all the way gone, but nearly.
Good night! Buenas noches a todos!

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