Day 2

23 Mar

Oh, if only I had a dollar for every time I`ve tried to shake someone`s hand.  I always forget that they  kisses on the cheek here.  The one person who allowed me to shake his hand gave me a strange look like he thought I was out of my mind.  I must remember this.

I got to se my Ticos today!  Jonathan, Kevin, Tito, Pipo, Jesus, Daniel, Mauricio, Luis, Dago, Geovanny, Jason, and even Mario.  Mario was little bit out of his mind thanks to whatever he was sniffing this afternoon, but it was good to se him nonetheless.

I played the guitar with Steve and Jono for a long time today, and it was really fun.  I learned some new things, and I actually managed to keep up with them for the most part!

I spent the majority of the day covered in pink paint because of the wall we painted this morning.  Dago thought I had gotten hurt because I had paint on my face that looked like a cut, and dust that looked like a bruise, but I assured him it was nothing.  I`m still laughing about it right now.

My Ticos will be here soon, so I gotta go.  I have a birthday gift for Pipo–two weeks overdue, but it`s the thought that counts, yeah?

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Posted by on March 23, 2010 in Costa Rica March 2010


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