Day 1: We’re Here :)

22 Mar

We made it in one piece!  I am so happy to be here that I can`t even think straight!  As always, there were some difficulties along the way as far as airplanes and luggage and passports and all that, but overall it went smoothly.

I`ve been here for like 8 hours and already I have seen some crazy stuff.  For one thing we went to visit David, the guy I wrote about in one of my posts from August 2009, and now he is not only able to walk on crutches, but it will be only a matter of time until the rods are taken out of his right shin and he will be on his way to walking on his own!  And, the best part: His face was no longer blank and hopeless.  He looked like he was happy to be alive.  That`s a God thing, because last time I saw him he was lifeless on the inside.

Also, I`d like to stress once again the problem of drug abuse in Los Anonos.  I have witnessed the effects of this both today and on my pervious trips, and it`s tearing apart a cherished friendship of mine.  People whom I used to know and love are now nothing like their former selves, thanks to the drugs that have ruined their minds and hearts.  So please, please pray for this problem.  It`s heavy on my heart because it`s destroying people that I love.

Another friend of mine seems to be making some bad choices.  He hasn`t been showing up at church or youth group, which worries me.  He is such a great person and I want him to make right choices.  So please pray for him.

But today I have realized something.  I have realized that I am not here to tell people that they`re wrong, or to tell them how to live right.  I am not here to try and perfect these people.  Rather, I am here to show love.  So that is what I will do.  And maybe if I show him love, he`ll come around.

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