7 Things I Miss about Costa Rica

15 Mar

I miss the people.  They are so kind, so beautiful, so refreshing.  They inspire me with their perseverance and optimism.  And I love them.

I miss that Costa Rica smell.  Nothing on earth smells quite like Costa Rica does.  It’s sweet and wet and warm and fresh.  And sometimes not very pleasant, especially when you’re by the river…But even when it stinks, I still love to breathe it in.

I miss the mountains.  When I walk out onto the back deck, all I can see is mountains.  They are so tall and majestic and breathtaking, even from a distance.  And I am thankful for them.  Most of all, I miss the cross at the mountain’s peak.  That huge cross, taller than all the trees, a constant reminder of God’s sacrifice.

I miss the flowers.  Everything is so beautiful, colorful, exotic, memorable.  Not only did God give us things that we need, but He also gave us beautiful things to make life richer.

I miss the sunshine.  Even when it’s behind the clouds, it still sheds light and warmth.  It warms my skin and lights up the beautiful world around me.

I miss the motorcycles.  I like to watch them zip through traffic like they’re in charge–they can do just about anything they want to, and it’s entertaining.

I miss the Egg Man.  He wakes at the crack of dawn to go out and sell his eggs, driving his little truck through the streets of Los Anonos, yelling about his eggs through the loudspeaker.  He’s what I wake up to each morning, and he makes me smile.

And in just seven days, I will get to experience all of this in person again.  Can’t wait!

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