11 Mar

Ha, am I really leaving in eleven days?  Crazy!  For so long, going to Costa Rica again felt so distant, like something abstract, a dream or an idea.  But now it’s really happening and soon I will be able to touch it and smell it and see it.

Today I was wearing my Costa Rica necklace and the cashier at this store said, “I like that,” and I was like “Costa Rica is my favorite” and she was like “That’s cool, why do you like it so much?”  And I said it’s because my friends live there and I love to go there on mission trips.  I said that because I knew I didn’t have time to explain to her exactly why I like it so much.  And then I told her that I’m going there in eleven days, and she asked if she could pray for me.  That is so cool!  I’ve never gone into a store and had someone ask to pray for me, that is just really awesome.  So she prayed for the mission trip and the team and the Ticos and me, and I feel happy about that.  She made my day.  Thanks, Katherine 🙂

You know, it’s really strange to think that my Ticos and Costa Rica are existing simultaneously with me, even though I’m not there.  It’s like they only exist when I’m with them, and as soon as I leave time just freezes.  But no, they’re breathing and sleeping and eating and talking, just like me.  And they’re thinking, and they’re feeling, and they’re crying and laughing.  Just like me.  And I love them.

11 DAYS!

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