And a Song in Honor of FAWM

28 Feb

Here’s a song I wrote about the songwriting process.  It’s fittingly called “The Songwriting Song”  To see the rest of my work, including collaborations, go to 

It starts with a word that I think sounds okay
Next thing I know, another one’s on its way.
A sentence or two, a couple more lines
And verse 1 sees the light of day!

Several more words come into my head
I throw one away, use another instead
Then the music builds, the tune takes form,
And there I have it–A chorus is born!

I make sure it’s good, make sure it flows
And even if it doesn’t, onward we go!
It might not be perfect, might not even get by
But at least I can say that I tried.

Now one thing remains; it’s almost complete!
But I must not forget that the chorus repeats.
The music has built, the tune’s taken form,
And there I have it–A song has been born!

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Posted by on February 28, 2010 in Music, Writing


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