FAWM begins!

01 Feb


FAWM (February Album Writing Month) has been official for 16 hours and 30 minutes now.  And already, I’ve got two songs written!  One for the keyboard, and the other for the guitar.  One is in thee key of C minor, and the other is in B flat–I take pleasure from writing things in obscure keys, it’s much better than writing it in the key of G or something boring like that.  I’m feeling good about my progress so far, writing 2 songs in the same day and all, but I have a feeling I’ll slow down considerably by the time the month is over.

For those of you who don’t know what FAWM is, it’s a totally random and pointless waste of time where a bunch of people decide to write 14 songs in the month of February.  And this year, I’m one of those people!

So I’ve got 2 down, 12 to go.

Some guy on the FAWM website ( has already written his 14, which I think is totally insane–I don’t think I could possibly write 14 songs in a day, and even if I did they’d sound awful.

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