Miracles are Everywhere

26 Jan

All through the Bible, and most frequently in the Gospel books, we find story after story of miracles performed by Jesus, or by God’s power manifested through something or someone else.  We find stories of supernatural healings, driving out demons, plagues, fire from Heaven, resurrections.  It all sends delightful shivers up my spine when I read about it.

But why don’t miracles happen today?  We read of them all the time in the Bible, but what about the here and now?

The way I see it, miracles do happen today.

Think about it: is it not a miracle when a baby is born?  Is it not a miracle when a scraped knee heals, or a broken arm mends, or an illness vanishes?  Is it not a miracle every single time somebody wrecks their car and lives to tell about it?  Is it not a miracle that you and I are even alive right now, and that each minuscule part of our bodies works together in perfect synchronization in order to keep us that way?

Is it not a miracle that our sins have been forgiven and that we are loved by the King?

Miracles happen all the time–we’re just not always looking for them.  If you open up your eyes and try to see the world like Jesus does, you’ll realize that every second of your life is a miracle; a gift that you should be thankful for.

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Posted by on January 26, 2010 in Bible Study/thoughts



One response to “Miracles are Everywhere

  1. Michele R. Herbert

    January 26, 2010 at 21:42

    What a great message from a great kid. You are an amazing kid and I am blessed to know you. With much love, Michele


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