The countdown continues…

15 Jan

66 days!!

I didn’t know it was possible for time to pass so quickly yet so slowly at the same time!  It seems like just yesterday I started my countdown at 99 days, but it also seems like years ago.

I am so looking forward to seeing what God plans to do during our time in Los Anonos.  He has thoroughly blown me away each time I’ve gone to Costa Rica, and I certainly expect no different this time.

I am also looking forward to seeing  Rodney, Cindy, Taylor, Luis, Tito, Dago, Lester, Jesus, Kevin, Marvin, Mario, bigger Geovanny, smaller Geovanny, Marcela, David, Jonathan, Celia, and all the others again.  When I picture our reunion in my mind, I can’t help bit smile.  Laugh, even.  And sometimes cry…

Our team is shaping up nicely.  I’m not sure who all is going yet, but the ones who are so far are wonderful people whom I look forward to spending 10 or 12 days with.  I love you guys!

As I write this, I realize yet again how unfathomably blessed I am!  I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that God wants to work through me!  I also can’t wrap my mind around how, at age 14, I’m already getting ready to go on my fourth mission trip.  Without God, it would all be meaningless.  Nothing would matter.  I wouldn’t have ever gone to Costa Rica in the first place, and I wouldn’t be blessed with the friendships I’ve forged over the two years I’ve been doing this.  And yet He cares enough to do all of this for me, to allow me to do the things I do, to give me the opportunites I face, and for that I am inestimably thankful!

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