End-of-year Word Count

30 Dec

Ah, 2009…the year that I discovered my knack for writing.  I had always loved to write before, but this was the year that it became less of a hobby and more of an obssession.  This was the year that I wrote one complete novel, four partial novels, two songs, three poems, hundreds of journal entries, a ton of blog posts, letters, essays, countless short stories, and a zillion other things.

This was the year that the writer in me became her own person!

I counted my computer-written wordcount for the year of 2009, and the total came to (drumroll please) 110,294!  Not 100% accurate, but I can be pretty sure the real total is within 1,000 of that number.  And that number is equal to two novels’ worth of words!

And that’s just counting the things I wrote on the computer.  If we count the handwritten things (which would be a waste of time so I’ll estimate the total) that adds at least another 10,000 words to the grand total!

As 2009 draws to a close, my writing will keep on improving in both quality and quantity.  In 2010, my word count will be more than 200,000.  That is one of my many new-year goals: reach 200,000 words.  And I know I can do it!

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One response to “End-of-year Word Count

  1. Chappie

    December 30, 2009 at 21:54

    Dear Shannon Speaks,

    You are insane. That being said with the conotation generally given to Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickenson. Meaning (although I presume you catch my drift) that you are insanely brilliant, to an extent that the common man is forced to describe it as sheer mental instability, out of awe and disbelief. You never cease to impress. I look forward to seeing all that the Lord has for you in this coming year and the rest of your life. Keep up the good work.



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