20 Dec

The snow began at 5:15 on Friday evening, and didn’t stop until sometime after I’d gone to bed on Saturday night.  Today is Sunday, and church was cancelled because two feet of snow makes it kinda hard to leave your house.  So my family and I are at home, baking and doing crafts and playing in the snow.

I’m feeling very nostalgic today.  I’m remembering all of those Christmases when I was a little girl and when I would look forward to Christmas for months beforehand.  I’m remembering hearing the song “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and feeling like I really was in a winter wonderland.

That’s the beauty of being a child.  Everything is a big deal.  You take pleasure in the little things, and every day is the best day of your life.  You’re carefree and nothing matters but yourself and the people you love.

I’m only fourteen years old, and in many ways I still am a child.  But it saddens me to realize that I’m losing my innocent childlike joy.

So in these few days leading up to Christmas, I’m going to focus on drawing pleasure from the little things in life.  The smell of gingerbread or the taste of snow.  Sitting on the couch with my little sister watching Christmas movies.  Seeing people’s faces when they open their Christmas gifts.  Watching my cat sleep in a ray of winter sunlight.  Making a snow angel in my swimsuit.  (Yes, I really did that…)

Why don’t you do the same?  Try to view Christmas through the eyes of a child.  Enjoy every second of it.  And certainly don’t forget what Christmas is about–Jesus!  If you keep that in mind, then nothing can take away your joy this season!


Posted by on December 20, 2009 in Holiday Stuff


2 responses to “Nostalgia

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    December 20, 2009 at 14:54

    Love it, Shannon! Thanks for the reminder to take pleasure in the little things (which, as it turns out, are really the big things anyway!). I’m thankful to do Christmas with you for another year, my dear one!

  2. Linda Hall

    December 20, 2009 at 15:08

    Part of my nostalgia is thinking back on being around you when you were more of a “child”. But a large part of my joy is watching you blossom into a wondrous young woman.

    You have become such an amazing wordsmith, speaking words out into the air so that they magically wrap themselves around us and draw us into your world.

    You, my dear, ARE part of the Joy!

    Merry Christmas to the whole family (and the Summit family), I miss you all!


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