Prayer Request

06 Aug

Today when we were at the Casita a man came to us with awful pain in his legs and said he needed to go to the hospital.  So we called a cab to take him and while we waited we prayed for him.  I’m not sure if he was a Christian or not, or even what his name was, but I could just tell he needs all the prayer he can get.

On another note, we did some painting today.  We painted a fence yellow, covering up all the graffiti and making it look like sunshine 🙂 how pretty.

I went to an English class today and I think I learned more Spanish than the Ticos did English!  We spent over an hour writing down Spanish and English words on a piece of paper, and we were messing around and making fun of each other’s accents and stuff, you know…just being crazy teenagers like teenagers do.  But one guy said I was good at pronouncing the Spanish words so that made me kinda happy.  Then we played around and were dumb some more (haha) and one guy brought his guitar and we messed with it some, and Marvin, Kevin and I played slaps until our hands were bruised, mine is still swollen and purple, but I think today was just about the 2nd best day of my life!  Or, at least of this trip.  The 1st best was the hike on Sunday.  Now I’m babbling incoherently, but there’s just too much to say to worry about organizing my scattered thoughts.  Anyway, I can now count to 100 in spanish, and I can say the names of different animals, and all sorts of things.  And in return for the Spanish lesson I taught a couple of them how to do macrame.  I’ve found some of them on facebook so we can keep in touch, which is nice.  I hope I see them at youth group on Friday because if I don’t see them then I don’t know when I will 😦 we’re coming home in 3 days…

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