01 Aug

Well, we’re here!  It feels SO good.  After a 2-hour flight delay due to weather, we made it here in one piece.  I got a good night’s sleep last night, to make up for running on 2 hours of sleep total since Wednesday night.  I’ve seen, tatsed, heard, and most definitely SMELLED some very strange things, but I’m loving every part of it.  I’ve bonded really well with some of the youth down here and it’s been lots of fun.  We’ve played games, cleaned stuff, painted and tore down a wall in a church.  The weather is lovely, sunny and hot, and at night when the sun has gone down there is lots of lightning, but not a single drop of rain so far.  So much for it being the rainy season–it’s not any different from the weather when I come down in January, which is in the dry season.  We’ve got a slight time difference down here–2 hours behind Virginia time.  So it was nice, I was able to wake up at 5:45 this morning thinking it was 7:45, and I wasn’t tired in the least.

Now, as far as the Jesus aspect of our trip thus far…AMAZING.  That’s really the only way I can describe it completely, but for your sake I’ll do my best to elaborate.  We went to a youth meeting last night that took place in a little itty bitty building called the Casita (Espanol for little house).  We had some worship time with guitars and a djembe (I think it was a djembe?)  and that was one of the best parts of the whole evening for me.  We sang a ton of songs like Sweetly Broken and O Praise him, and I was just amazed that here they are, singing in Spanish, and I’m singing in English, but we’re really just giving God our hearts no matter what language and He understands every language. Think about that.  You don’t need a translator when you’re focusing on Jesus, you know?  Now whenever I hear one of the songs we sang last night, it will remind me of exactly what went on in my heart as I sang it along with my Costa Rica friends.  Next we prayed and even though once again we were in different languages, it didn’t matter and every person in that place was touched, I’m certain of it.  I made some friends and we had a good time, and it was just tons of fun and an amazing experience.

Something that God is telling me on this trip is that I don’t need the small things, the things of this world–that when I’m focusing on Him and Him alone, the other things fade away and they aren’t important any more.  And it’s really a good feeling to be able to forget about everything and just relax and enjoy my Saviour.  Yesterday was hard for me because I was in my own little world and every detail was huge to me, but after some God time and some sleep, everything fell into place and right now I couldn’t be happier!

Oh yeah, and me and Doug have frequent jam sessions on the guitar and I’m learning new stuff which is tons of fun and my fingers really hurt from pressing the guitar strings ALL THE TIME.

So that’s it for tonight, hope you enjoyed my update, because I enjoy being able to share what’s going on here.  I’ll be posting another one soon, if not tomorrow then…well…soon.

Tomorrow we’re going to hike up a huge mountain to visit the GINORMOUS cross that stands at the top of it.  You can see the cross up there in the distance, but I’ve never been up close so I’m excited.  And lots of the youth from last night are hiking up with us and bring their guitars and stuff so it’s gonna be fun.

P.S. this blog entry is 671 words long.  Just in case you were wondering.  Now you’re going to count just to prove me wrong, aren’t you?


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2 responses to “Ahhh…

  1. Lisa DeCourcey

    August 2, 2009 at 03:00

    Beautifully written, Shannon. You have such a gift for expressing yourself in words and through music. I love the mix of the two in this blog entry. Can’t wait to see some pics from your sweet camera. Missing you, but so thankful for this opportunity for you. I love you!!

  2. Linda

    August 2, 2009 at 11:43

    Sounds like your are having a very fulfilling trip Shannon.

    Have you gotten any good shots of the lightning?
    Put the camera on a tripod, then use settings kind of close to this:

    Set long exposure noise reduction to “on”
    ISO 100
    Aperture around 4 to 5.6 (Depends upon how close the lightning is – the closer it is, the higher you want the aperture.
    Shutter Speed – I think your camera only goes to 15 seconds, so I would leave it open for the full 15. You’ll just have to keep doing it until you think you got something.

    If it’s Doug Wilcox that’s there, tell him I said HI, and I can’t wait til I come up to Culpeper end of August to catch up with him!

    Have a blast and enjoy seeing what the Lord is doing down there.

    Love You and Miss You!


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