Preparing for Mission

27 Jul

We’re leaving for Costa Rica in just 4 more days.  Well, 3 days and 5 hours is more like it.   I’ve already begun my preparations, because I know that the next four days will slip through my fingers before I know it.

I started packing today.  I know four days seems like more than long enough to get packed, but really packing takes longer than you think–for me, anyway.  I like to take it slow, packing a thing or two at a time, so that it really does take 4 days, sometimes more.

I’ve also started my missions journal, and I’m really loving it.  It’s called “Do, Love, Walk” and it’s got some really thought-provoking questions and ideas, all based on Scripture.  In addition, I’ve got a prayer booklet that I’m enjoying.  While I was on my last two mission trips, God revealed to me the power of prayer in a whole new way, and now prayer is a big deal to me.  God really does hear my prayers, and he really does answer them (although not always in the way I want or expect).

Well, that’s it for now, but you can expect to hear from me again before I leave on Friday (3 am to be exact!).  So thanks for reading this, and look for more posts soon!

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